Saturday, February 11, 2012

Father of the Year

This time I want to blog about something very specific, the one thing that has compelled me to drop the first F bomb on my facebook wall. Most of you have seen the facebook dad who posted a video berating his daughter and then shooting up her laptop with his .45. I have to tell you all, this really pisses me off. And something else that really pisses me off is so many of my friends agree with what the dad did. People, are you honestly as stupid as this guy? Really? You can’t be, none of my friends are this bad a parent, are they?

Now you’re pissed too? Good, now you know how I feel. If you think this piece of human garbage is right in what he did, then you have some deadly serious problems. Firstly, it is FACT that the world IS NOT getting worse and kids today are NOT worse than when we were kids. The fact is, grasshopper, YOU have changed and not the world. I wrote a blog on this a few months ago and it is pure fact. You can disagree with me, if you don’t mind being wrong. Let me share; when I was a teenager I drank booze, I was having sex (with girls too), every other word was a four letter word, I skipped school, I stayed out all night and lied about where I was. I didn’t care about my grades. I cheated on tests. I talked bad about my parents (just like the girl here). I snuck out and I snuck in, into bedrooms not my own even. Heh, a great many of these things I probably did with you, Mr or Mrs “kids are worse today.” They’re NOT.

And you know what? Our parents did this too. Most of our parents were teenagers in the 60s. I’m sure they think the same thing, that we were worse than them when in fact they had all the free love and dope smoking. Their parents probably hated them all lol. The ways and means of the world may change, but the facts remain. To us it was our parents listening to us talk on the phone or reading our diaries, today its twitter and facebook. Tomorrow it will be something else. But parents will always think that their kids are worse than they were at that age.

Now that we’ve set that straight lets look at what we know about the guy. Firstly, nobody has mentioned the fact that this is a one sided story. I would like to see the other two sides and then the Paul Harvey side. How do you know that dad is being truthful? He could pretty much say what he wants, correct? Who would believe daughter over dad, especially when he’s the one with the gun? I can only imagine what his relationship is like with her. In his video he is being the child. He’s doing nothing more than throwing a fit. He’s letting her know that this is the way adults act. It’s OK to do what he does. I wonder if dad has any priors? We do know that he’s divorced, that came as a huge shock to me personally. I mean who wouldn’t want to have a whiny ranting gun toting loser in a bad hat for a husband. I bet he had the chicks liked up when he kicked mom to the curb. Shit I about went gay when I first saw him.

So, to those who agree with the father of the year here, for a few minutes let’s imagine a few things. Imagine he’s your kids teacher. Imagine he’s your kid’s coach. Wouldn’t it be great to see him pull out his good ol .45 on the ump at the next T-ball game? He could shoot a few holes in home plate! HE WAS SAFE YOU MOTHER...Yeah I’d pay to see that. Imagine he’s the dad to one of your kid’s best friends and they want your kid to come to a spend the night party. Honestly, I have a serious take on this, what if he’s the father of your grandchild. The daughter he’s berating and belittling is your granddaughter and your daughter’s husband. That's a scary image right there, but he is someone's son in law.

Once my dad took the valve stems out of all 4 of my tires so I couldn’t go anywhere. That night I took all 4 valve stems out of his truck tires and put them in mine. I pumped up the tires and hauled ass, leaving him sitting on 4 flats. Did that do any good, any of it? Nope, not for me or for him. I think that was something like the guy here was trying to do. After the nationwide humiliation he’s caused his daughter don’t be surprised if she uses a gun on him. I’d vote to acquit if I was on that jury.

I only ask everyone to remember, we were all once the son or daughter. We were once in this girl’s position. Maybe it’s because I’m still just a big kid that I see this as horrible. Remember that you ARE the child and imagine what it would be like if your dad did this to you. The child lives on in YOU. You talked about your parents too, you may have even gotten caught doing it. But dad didn’t shoot up your stuff and post it on fb. If dad would have built any kind of quality relationship with his daughter, this would not have come about.

What did you want your parents to do when you were a teen in trouble? How should have they acted? Well, do that the next time. I don’t think anyone can say “man if my dad had only have shot up all my stuff and put it on youtube then I’d have turned out better.”

Be the adult that remembers how it was to be the child. Again, you can disagree with me if you don’t mind being wrong (I love that line). Flame on, I’m ready for it.

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