Friday, August 5, 2011

The Media

You may not believe this, or may not think this is possible, but I don't read the paper or watch the news.  At all.  I do get some news.  I read the Google News headlines and maybe click on one or two stories a day.

The reason for my media boycott?  Very simply, its almost all bad news.  Death, crime, scandal, war etc...  These are not the kinds of things that I want to put into my life.  Garbage in, garbage out.  We've been turned into a culture of near morbid curiosity.  We're bombarded with the "Drama of the Day".  Let me site a few examples of late.  Amy Winehouse.  Casey Anthony.  The Oil Spill.  Lybia.  Tiger Woods.  A few Senators caught doing the nasty.   As long as there has been media, they have done just about anything to increase their profits. Got to sell the papers ya know.  Got to sell the papers.

My advice is not to stop watching the news if you like it.  Hell one time I was playing golf and went into the clubhouse after 9 holes to get a drink.  I told Ed the bartender "Man the course is empty today."  He said "Yeah everyone's getting ready for the hurricane."  I was like "OH SHIT I GOTTA GO."  lol Neither my wife nor I had watched or read any news in who knows when and we had a little hurricane right up on us.  So some news is a good thing.   My only advice to you on this topic is to not be a sheep.  If you want to put some factual news into your mind thats very cool with me.  But if you're racing home to watch the next Casey Anthony's trial, you're wasting your precious time on Earth.  Instead try taking your kids out for ice cream.  Kick back on the porch with your wife and tell the things you probably don't tell her but should.  Bake a cake.  lol Do anything with the people you love instead of watching some whacked out bitch who killed her precious little girl.  You get ZERO value out of watching shit like that. ZERO.  C'mon you see that don't you?  On the other hand, You get enormous value spending time with your loved ones.  Those hours you spent watching that trial, you could have spent with your mom or dad.  Anyone who has a grandparent left, I shouldn't have to point this out to you.

Granted, there are things I do like sit here at this computer that really don't add any value to my life.  I know I'm not perfect, not even remotely close.  It all comes down to choices.  Get some real value for your time, don't put that trash news into your life.  Don't let the paper spin you up.  If you must read the paper stick to the comics!  Just choose wisely.

I hope that next time a hot must see Drama of the Day comes on the news, you missed it because you were at the park with your family.  Again, this is only my opinion.  LL


  1. I totally agree with you, and I also avoid the "streamline media" whenever possible. Yahoo weather is good for the important weather updates also : )


  2. Thanks for sharing your musings. There will always be those that disagree, but it should never stop us from sharing our opinions. In this case you're right on the money. ...garbage in, garbage true.